16 Things I’ve learned in 16 years

Wow. I’m 16 today. My birthday was pretty amazing! I spent 2 hours of it in psychology and another 2 hours in AP chemistry and another 2 in AP calculus. I twisted the faucet tubes in the sink during our chemistry lab (which we were specifically told not to do) and got hit in the face with a ton of water. I got my personality type in psychology class (ENFP) which explained everything about me so well, from my love of people to extremely emotional head. I feel grateful that I’ve been able to make a terrible place like school into a place where I have so many people supporting me, a place that I can finally call my temporary home.

Anyways, every year I think it’s fun to make a list of a bunch of things I’ve learned on my birthday. So here goes. 

16 things I’ve learned in 16 years:

1. Everything happens for a reason 

2. Pet as many dogs and cats as you can because life is short

3. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. (Until you hit a wall, of course) 

4. Never underestimate the power of a smile 

5. Always look for the best in people. You never know what another is going through, and sometimes the perfect people are placed in your life for the most perfect reasons ever. 

6. Taking your French teacher’s stuffed frog to all your classes makes you ace tests. (But this only works when I study)

7. You can be many things, but God is the only one that can truly define you 

8. You can’t do everything, so instead do almost everything 🙂 

9. Life is just a long fascinating dance, so start dancing 

10. There’s no shame in being crazy and complicated 

11. You are so incredibly loved 

12. Walruses are pretty cool 

13. Having a few people that will willingly listen to your rants about life all the time makes life a lot better.

14. If you get a D on your math test, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a 4.5 GPA. Not that grades matter anyways. But you learn from your mistakes! 

15. God can use whoever you are, wherever you are 

16. Just when I thought I’ve learned so much, I’ve really learned nothing at all.

I have so much more to learn, and have learned so much more than this. I hope you guys will continue to stick with me on this crazy journey, as I try to change the world with every piece of who I am 🙂 


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