When I Look In The Mirror

I walk up to the mirror

to get ready for the day.

I see red, blotchy eyes and an acne-prone face

I can barely look at myself

Because my eczema covers my body

I guess from birth this was my fate.

A hologram appears on the mirror.

“Would you like to make any changes?” it says.

I touch the button yes.

Then, with just a swipe of my hands,

I make it go away.

The itchiness, the redness

The bruises and the scars

The welts, the dryness

coupled with sleepless nights

Feeling insecure over a condition I can’t control

Even the expert’s knowledge about this falls short.

I make it all go away

In this dream that I create.

Laughing, I twirl around

Now, I am beautiful

I have perfect skin, eczema free

And I can leave the house

Feeling proud.

“Do you want to save your changes?” the hologram says.

I stare a little deeper, for a little longer.

Because I know the girl underneath

is the girl that everyone sees.

The girl that experiences joy

meeting other people’s needs

If she gets good enough at chemistry

She could cure it one day

filled with fire

To make the world a better place.

This experience I have may come in handy

To another girl facing the same fate.

And I realize that my eczema has taught me

Many, many things

From empathy to humility

to true beauty and grace.

And I decide that it’s okay

To have scars all over my plate

If they make me a better person

And don’t hinder me from being great.

So when I wake up from my dream

This is what I see:

bunnies on my feet

That are always full of energy.

How I make people happy

for my smile’s an infiltrating weed.

Sometimes I see my skin

Rather than the beauty inside of me

because it exists mostly underneath.

But in the end

when I look in the mirror

I love me.



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