17 Goals For 2017

1. Pray more, worry less

2. Learn to see myself the way God sees me.

3. Be more grateful

4. Cure my eczema 

5. Have a more balanced life 

6. Eat healthier and pet more dogs 

7. Meet a lot of new people 

8. Live knowing that I will end up in the college I am supposed to end up at. 

9. Go on some super crazy mission trip to Haiti or something 

10. Help as many people as I possibly can. 

11. Choreograph my own really emotional and powerful dance, or become a worship leader 

12. Learn to cook healthy food 

13. Do more things because I love them. 

14. Get discouraged less easily 

15. Spend more time with people that I love 

16. Take more chances 

17. Learn as many new things as I possibly can. 

So there’s my list! I’ve been saying a lot of things lately like, “I wish I wasn’t so ambitious because I always end up setting myself up to get hurt” or “I wish I wasn’t so emotional because crying wastes so much precious time” and “I wish I wasn’t so altruistic because I pour myself into everything and still end up getting hurt.” But then when I take a step back, I’m just so grateful to be who I am and have the opportunities I do. There is so much beauty in being imperfect, in failing to meet goals but trying again, and in doing your best but falling short. Falling short is a beautiful thing because that is when God can catch you and steady you, and set you back on the path you were supposed to be embarking on all along. 

I know I will try to meet these goals and will mess up a lot along the way. In that case I will learn to put the “star” in starting over and over again. I believe that success is not measured in results, but in efforts. Success is not being at the top, but the way you bounce back after hitting rock bottom. When 2017 gets discouraging you just keep on going, one step at a time. 

Happy New Year guys! What are your goals for 2017? I’d love to hear them. 🙂 


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