Steady Me 

Let the lights guide you home…”

There is something so special about opening the front door and embarking on a journey into the night sky. I hold my head high and my back upright. All I can think about is the fact that I am running under endless galaxies and stars. I completely unplug, no phone, no distractions. Here, it’s just me and the sound of my breathing in sync with every step I take.

Every day throws so much crap at me, but on these runs my mind slowly unravels it all. The cold air against my eczematous skin soothes me. This is the only time in my day I have to myself, so I might as well enjoy it. I used to think running limited my creativity, but with every breath I gain a new appreciation for God’s creation. My heart is beating with life, with strength. I develop a newfound love for the body I was gifted with, a body capable of experiencing all of this.

There is something that I am looking for. I feel empty, in need of inspiration. I desire community and something amazing. My ambitions and dreams are unfolding, and i am chasing after them. Sometimes i have to stop and realize how far I’ve come. Sometimes I feel tired and frustrated, because I feel my energy amounts to nothing. Sometimes I feel empty, because the things of this world cannot fulfill. But life is a climb and I am running. I am trying to find my pace just as much as my place. As I battle through my struggles I am inconsistent, over exerting myself to crash at times. In those moments I need to breathe, to keep going so at the end I can sprint to the finish.

God, as I run in the dark, i am truly chasing you. I am running after you with everything I am. So please, run after me too. Find me in my brokenness and pick me up in your arms. Give me the strength to keep going when I’m out of breath. Fill me up when this world can’t.

Steady my heart, so that it’s beating in sync with you.


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