Learning To Dance In The Rain

There was once a girl who danced to set herself free

to run away from a life that handed her grief

 Lack of courage crippled her dreams

So she learned to dance and learned to breathe

Through pirouettes and sky-high leaps.


When burnout drained her spirit

And she felt she couldn’t measure up,

her pristine dancing made her feel tough

she reliquinshed her anger with every jump

Dancing herself away until the morning sun.


It was the only way she knew

because she never saw the light

She didn’t know how to open up

Or how to look someone in the eye

“They wouldn’t understand me,” she thought

“So why should I even try?”


The world continued to break her soul

And she continued to dance away the toll

But her emotions snowballed like crazy

until they finally overflowed.

She danced and danced and danced

But the feelings wouldn’t go.

A void in her heart consumed her

That dancing couldn’t fill anymore.

A calling from above screaming, “Let me in!”

wanted her to surrender control

she felt scared of doing so in the dark

But she couldn’t avoid her problems anymore.


“Just let me in,” He pressed.

“I can’t,” she said.

“I’m more than you think I am,” He urged.

“I don’t understand You,” she whispered, in fear.

But in the midst of the rain, she felt Him near.


He said,

“Let me show you what it’s like to be loved

and what it is to dance for me.

Sometimes it will hurt but you’ll have grace

and the strength to conquer each day.

I’ll give your dreams wings, and you’ll have peace

so you can dance with your burdens on me.”

So He filled the aperture in her soul 

And mended every piece of her heart

But left her still with one little scar

So she’d remember how amazing it is to be free

Living for the king who made her see

the one who set her feet to dancing.



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