Why I Don’t Wear Makeup // What My Mom Taught Me 

I am sadly still that 16 year old girl who doesn’t own her own mascara. And it’s not because I’m confident in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a beautiful person. However, I don’t think I’m pretty. Eczema and red patches everywhere is definitely not pretty. But they are beautiful for sure! 

But in this day in age girls are always looking so flawless with their eyebrows and lashes on fleek. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing makeup if you love it and wear it for you, but since I don’t wear makeup and everyone else does, I create an unrealistic expectation of beauty for myself when I compare myself to all these girls with bold eyes and clear skin. That is the issue for me. Honestly, I don’t think you can compare your beauty to anyone regardless of how much makeup you wear. God made you so unique and beautiful. There is no amount of makeup you can wear that will make you any more beautiful than you already are, because God already sees you as the most beautiful girl ever. But God created makeup too. He created everything in this world for you and me, because he knew we would see his creations and think they’re pretty cool. And that is why I personally become upset when people shame others for wearing makeup. It’s not right to assume that everyone who wears makeup is insecure. Because I think being good at makeup is a God given talent like any other, and God uses everything, even beauty. 

My mom was never a huge makeup wearer. Whenever I bring my friends over, they think she’s so nice. They see her heart first. And that is one thing I am grateful that my mom taught me: it’s not about being pretty. It’s about being pretty amazing, pretty intelligent, pretty beautiful. She taught me to have fun getting dressed up for recitals and such, but not to obsess over it and to separate looks over character. When I volunteer in the hospital, nobody cares about how disheveled my hair is, but they do see a girl with a genuine heart and smile, kindly listening to what her patients have to say. 

For me, the reason why I don’t wear makeup is because I’m simply not ready yet. I’m not confident enough running around with my bare face to be confident running around with an enhanced bare face. I don’t know if I ever will be. Learning to see yourself the way God sees you proves to be one really long journey. But I also know that if I don’t want to wear makeup I shouldn’t have to. Not wearing makeup is honestly so nice. For now, I will only wear makeup when my friends do mine for me for special events. Maybe when I go to college I’ll buy my own mascara. But I want to be confident in my inward beauty first before I start wearing makeup on a daily basis. Or maybe one day I will become so confident in my inward beauty that I won’t care about wearing makeup anyways. 



4 Replies to “Why I Don’t Wear Makeup // What My Mom Taught Me ”

  1. I wish you never have to wear it in entire life. Your words are already so beautiful which shows ur inner beauty, so I don’t think you will ever need any makeup. Your makeup might cover up your God given beauty. I agree with all your words above and that’s life.

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  2. Wow, this is amazing. I completely agree with everything you said. I wear a little mascara and blush every now and then, but I don’t rely on it, because my mom has taught me that I don’t need it. Great post and thank you for sharing this!

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