Snapshots Of My Week 

I have been in such a great place. I know I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks so I wanted to share with you guys some memories of my summer from my new journal!



I reach over my right foot in my right splits, touching my nose to my knee. Transcendent music plays in the background. 

“Jazz split, layover,” my teacher instructs. I bend my left leg and lay down over it. My muscles tingle as I stare up at the ceiling, allowing the music to fill up the space in my head. I close my eyes. 

We did a lot of and, and then held planks until I nearly gave out. Release. The tension breaks. My teacher yells at us to downward dog positions and do relevés. My calves burn. We do maybe 30 of these until going into a child’s pose. 

“Just relax there for a minute,” she says. Sweat and energy pulse through my body. My breathing steadied. I’m on my feet again. Relaxation should never be taken for granted. 


I love people. 

I thought taking health online would be extremely tedious. But no. I get stretched to everyone I meet, and my health teacher was no exception. 

I hate saying goodbye. 

“I’m sad I won’t be seeing you anymore!” I exclaimed. 

“Aww, Im only an email away. You can email me anytime!” My teacher said. I gave her a hug. 

“I’m going to miss getting emails from my laughing lea, that’s for sure. I love your energy. Your friends must be so happy to have you!”

“Thank you,” I say beaming. 

I saw my her for 2 days. She helped me answer lots of weird questions and took the time to teach when we weren’t behind a screen. She even picked on me during class. 

“You can sit anywhere but not next to her,” the other teacher told her student. We were the only 2 in the room so it was easier to monitor us if we were spread out. 

“I mean I know Lea’s personality is very attractive and everyone wants to sit next to her,” my teacher states.

“What?!” I say, smiling. 

“Laughing Lea. Even that other kid wanted to sit next to you.” 

“That’s because I knew him!”

“Everyone wants to sit next to you because Laughing Lea draws everyone to her,” she persists. 

“Wait, how do you know I’m Laughing Lea?” 

“Your email signature!” Right. Haven’t changed that since I was 12. 

“But I love it!” She exclaims, her voice ringing.


Yesterday my dance teacher played “Skinny Love” by Birdy as our improv song. That song invokes so much emotion, and I told the story through my movements. When the song ended, everyone was so still you could’ve heard a pin drop. I had danced like me. Thin air transcended around us as we painted and chugged our H2O. I love getting to pull my emotional side out. She sometimes has a hard time feeling beautiful. But emotional dances—my, I think they’re the most beautiful thing in the world. 



Tracy is my driving instructor. On my first lesson with her, she called me fearless. I’ve been driving for around 2 weeks now and have had 2 lessons with her. She is humorous and direct, patient and kind, strong and gentle and tough loving and understanding. 

Anyways, my second lesson went well. Sometimes when I cross intersections I end up in the wrong lane, so she will casually grab my wheel with her left hand and hold it in place for a few seconds. Her cold hand brushes against mine as she lets me gain control. All I can think is, “Thank you for saving my butt.”

Tracy has long, dark hair and thick glasses. She loves animals and eases the nerves that come with driving. 

She also thinks I’m crazy. Crazy because I would drive to church on my first lesson. Crazy because nothing she asks me to do causes me to panic.

She thinks I’m smart because I ask the right questions. In reality, it has taken me quite awhile to even learn to ask questions at all. I’ve learned that there is no shame in asking, “how are you supposed to see the curb when you try to back up in a straight line?” right away. She says she always waits for students to ask that question because telling them is like cheating. 

After my lesson, I immediately checked the appointments at the DMV. Hey look, there are 2 behind the wheel test openings before my permit expires, the 20th and the 21st. I texted her.

Me: my permit test is the 21st and the thing won’t let me make appointments after it expires. So I can either wait until then to schedule the behind the wheel test or just schedule it for the 21st. Lol. 

Tracy: Do it. 

I told her the time and made the appointment. My driving test is in 3 weeks. Then I picked 2 times to have my last 2 lessons. 

Tracy: You’re all set with me. Now it’s time to pray. 


Tracy: Np sweetie! We’ll do this. 

Me: thank you! Wow this is real

Tracy: yeah this is real. 

Me: has this ever happened before?

Tracy: with other instructors? Nope. With me? I call it rare but when I find someone that I honestly think can do it we do it.

Me: whale I’m so happy to have you! 

Tracy: well I’m happy to have you too.

Me: 💗💪

So she calls me sweetie, accommodates my schedule and believes in me. These are the moments I know that God is so so good to me, putting people this amazing in my life. 


I think there is hope for my dancing. My new teacher is so good. I’ve been asking her tons of questions during class like I’ve learned to do in school. She is also super validating and tells me when I do something right and when I do something wrong. 

I love crab dancing with Rachel. 

The 2 of us did a great job entertaining/freaking out Sam’s 2 mini dancers as they waited for their parents. We were being so stupid when I asked, “What if our teacher walked in right now?” while wiggling my arms. And then she did. Our crab dancing came to a haunt as we both burst into laughter. 

“Who is weirder, you or me?” I asked Rachel. 

She scoffs. “Me of course.” 

“Well I’m the better crab dancer.”

Rachel stands up on her pointe shoes, giving in. 

“Yes you are.”

Let me know if you like these kind of posts so I’ll do more! 


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