The Type (poem) 

If you are the type of person born with fire in your eyes

You can let it drive you.

Your sparks can ignite a fallen world

Show them what makes you different

Some may have never seen it before.

If you are the type of person who was born with flaws

You can let them define you.

Do not mistake flaws for mistakes or worthlessness

The disease can control you, and you can mourn forever over what you wished you were

When accepting the very nature, body, and soul inside of you may be the answer.

If you are the type of person with a desire to be wanted

You can let them want you.

They may want things of you that you simply aren’t

Try to tell you that you belong somewhere you don’t

Do not waste your time wondering if you are the type of person that belongs here

Wondering if you are worth it or good enough for this world

Instead go after your dreams no matter how impossible they are

Reach for the moon, for the stars

Work your heart out in an effort towards your aspirations

Keep pressing on, and on, and on.

But if you are the type of person that gets discouraged sometimes

Life can become an absolute mess

It may raze your dreams and exacerbate your weaknesses

Change the key of your melody to another tune

And sometimes you’ll learn to sing along to this tune

With disappointments, failures, burdens in your shoes

However, if you are the type of person burned out from life

Trying to follow stars in the middle of the night

You are not alone.

You are not broken.

You are looking for confidence and a place to call home

So let the walls of doubt crumble down

let yourself build your new empire

Because you were the type of person with fire in your eyes

You can create light in anything.

If you are the type of person that is human

I have news for you

No matter what circumstances you’re in

You still have the right to choose.

A Random Poem Written at 11pm By Lea 

I think that life knocks you down so hard sometimes

And then it knocks the wind out of you and your face.

It’s like watching waves crash upon the shore

It has such a calming effect

Except when you’re stuck in the middle of them.


You see the beauty on the outside

But in the middle, you’re trapped amidst fear and doubt.

I think sometimes I hold on to my performance  like its worth more than me

And when I don’t measure up the ocean slowly devours me

The tears begin to fall and I toss and turn and scream

I’m stressed and I’m stressed and desire to be free

I want to be myself and find peace.

I think sometimes I’m blind, incomplete

I can only see the tests I have tomorrow when there’s so much more to reach

I am tested and I fail, and I try and I fail, and I take a deep breath and try again only to crash

hard against rocks that split my head open, tossed through the current of the unknown where it all comes out

My true motives and desires.

All the pride I once felt from anything I’ve done gushes out and the water comes in

Washing away the corroded bits of my maze

The thoughts that have been eroding me

that I should have jettisoned long ago into space.

Does the tide ever calm? I wonder

At the end of the day.

And then everything that’s left of me washes up onto the surface

The parts of me that matter

And the pieces of my head once astray find each other

They begin to mend.

Finally, she picks herself up and tries again

Holding her ground in defense against stress

This time a little bit stronger.


This is a poem that I wrote in 8th grade that I recited at many speech competitions. It tells the story of my 8th-grade year and the person that I used to be. It holds a pretty deep place in my heart.

And I’ve grown quite a bit since then.


Once upon a time

There lived a young girl, a bit like us

With a huge heart and huge dreams—

most that were all bittersweet


But she’d pray all day

and think about change

For she knew

she could change the world



But life was still life

And through the ups and downs

She started to drown

To look around

To doubt.


Her confidence collapsed despite the effort she made

As she failed

And failed

And messed up again

Screwed up on a test.

She’d fall so much and so often she thought

she was a worthless mess.


And as her walls around her collapsed

The world continued to smile,

To laugh

As if her screams were unrealistic bad dreams,

And nobody could see the beauty in her heart

start to leave.


But I swear it was still there—

Because dreams can be more than just dreams.

If you just believe.

She tried to catch her breath

Once again

For she was too strong to give up.

She asked herself, “Why did I dream?

Why can’t I do this?

What is wrong with me?”

But the world, she knew

was so much bigger

than it seemed.


Her past tangled her up

as it lingered every day.

Every move she made always hinted

of the disheveled doubt inside.


And she knew

She knew

That somewhere underneath the surface

And the abrasive test scores

shattered dreams and mistakes,

That she could still maybe

Change the world



But she was still too afraid

Because she remembered those days

The times she failed, broke down in rage.

She remembered the pessimistic thoughts

going through her mind

Telling her she was born an idiot

An undeserved lie.


Though her friends were always there for her

She still felt so alone

she feared her feelings were invalid

and didn’t want them to be exposed.


She wanted the past to be where it was,

She wanted it to be gone.

She wanted to start over,

And to stop feeling  always wrong.


“But maybe,” she thought,

“I might actually be capable

what if a little hope is all I need?

if I choose to believe I am not a failure

maybe then I can conquer my dreams.”



She told herself,

“I know it’s going to be hard

But I’m willing to try my best,

And see if I make it far.

I’m gonna go back,

And face my past

Maybe I can’t change it


I can learn to laugh.”


So fueled by hope she started again

Trying to love, trying to believe

Fighting her fears

Chasing her dreams

The God she loved

Who made her beautiful and unique.

Her confidence comes from Him

and she’s blessed in every way you see.


You know, that girl

She’s me.


And life is a long journey,

It will take you far

If you just believe.

Through the ups and downs

You’ll make it around.

Don’t ever stop following your dreams.

When you make a mistake

And start to lose faith

Just remember that God

has your future perfectly in place.


Anything is possible

And you really can

change the world



Because dreams,


They can be more than just dreams.

You just gotta believe.